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Janet – 14 July 2015 :

Having benefitted from knee injections about 12 years ago to postpone knee replacement surgery, I sought out the same person, Dr. Michael Blackmore, when my hip became very painful. The synthetic viscose is not used for hips, I learned, but I got an appointment with Dr. Blackmore anyway. It was reuniting with an old friend; I got the appointment very quickly at the Carlton/Church location, and he gave me as much time as I needed, as his gentle hands revealed other issues I didn't know I had, as well as his learned assessment that total hip replacement surgery was definitely in order. He referred me immediately to an orthopedic surgeon who will see me quickly and do the surgery expeditiously. I can't believe my good fortune. Dr. Blackmore has lost nothing over the years, and I have recommended him enthusiastically to my fellow senior friends who have certain unexplained complaints. Watch out for his amazing sense of humor.

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