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Dr Tauseef Nazia

> Obstetrician /Gynecologist

Courtice Health Centre 1450 Highway #2 - L1E 3C3 Courtice

Dr Howell Brandon George

> Dermatologist

89 Dawson Road, unit 107 - N1H 1B1 Guelph

Dr Mikhael Dalia

> Dermatologist

Suite 308 1081 Carling Avenue - K1Y 4G2 Ottawa

Dr Chatterjee Suman

> Urologist

Unit 247 2130 North Park Drive - L6S 0C9 Brampton

Dr Nevin Lam Alexandra Caroline

> Obstetrician /Gynecologist

Suite 100 36 York Mills Rd - M2P 2E9 Toronto

Dr Gronau Karen Ann

> Obstetrician /Gynecologist

2130 North Park Drive Suite 234 - L6S 0C9 Brampton

Dr Sloka Jeffrey Scott

> Neurologist

Room 554 - Kaufman Building 835 King St W - N2G 1G3 Kitchener

Dr Loo Wei Jing

> Dermatologist

DermEffects 1560 Hyde Park Road - N6H 5L5 London

Dr Bargman Howard Brian

> Dermatologist

1137 Centre Street #302 - L4J 3M6 Thornhill

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