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Eileen – 12 November 2014 :

I adore Dr. Tenenbaum and consider myself extremely lucky to be in his care. He is the epitome of good medicine. Kind, caring, compassionate. Always looking for new therapies and methods to treat and help me. He responds to every concern I have, no matter how small. He returns every call, and always does so promptly. He is thorough and never misses any sign or symptom. It's so easy to see how much he truly cares about his patients, and how hard he works to ensure we receive the best possible care. He's also open to new ideas and treatments, and he thinks outside the box. My world is a better place for having Dr. Tenenbaum as my rheumatologist and I (and my family) are grateful for his care.

A.Franklin – 08 April 2013 :

A fine physician An excellent office; efficient staff. First class location. next to Keg & opposite Mandarin.

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