Dr Arrazaghi Abdelwahab Ahmed Alsed
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Dr Arrazaghi Abdelwahab Ahmed Alsed

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khadija sallam – 11 July 2021 :

saw him while he was practicing in London ,Ontario. He send for valve replacement that was never been picked up for more than ten years . i am blessed to see him , and we all miss him from London as he moved to Toronto .

john – 10 July 2021 :

i saw this heart doctor for first time ,and he told me from first time that all my problem is because of my heart beat is slow and he sent me for pacemaker in one week . now i cannot feel better . this one is amazing i wish he is also my family doctor ,he is very careful and listens to me

asia – 10 July 2021 :

seen my mother and diagnosed her of bad leaking valve , ended with valve replacement after four years he sent her for pacemaker. Last month she went for angioplasty.All thank to his close monitor and follow up ,This medicine we need . Glad to have him , cus i love my mom. Thank you Dr.Arrazagi.Love you.

fatima.S – 05 October 2020 :

Dr. Arrazaghi is an outstanding doctor! I have been a patient of his for the last 11 years. He always ensures that he puts his patients first and goes out of his way, to make sure that his patients' health is put first.

khadija sallah – 04 October 2020 :

Dr. Arrazaghi is one of the best and most caring doctor that I have met. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and listen you the patients concern.

Thomas – 10 August 2020 :

Dr.Arrazaghi is my cardiologist for five years.
He is always remain attentive and kind and retain a high level of respect to his patients . I call him the one stop doctor who I trust his medical opinion .

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