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Fran – 03 June 2018 :

I have to say that after many years of speaking with many, many doctors, Dr. Lehnert is the first doctor I have encountered who truly LISTENS to his patient and their family! He is thorough, wants to totally help his patient (in this case, my sister), delves into the patient's history, makes a diagnosis and proceeds immediately with treatment. Any complications along the way are dealt forthwith. He is an excellent communicator and doctor and kudos to Dr. Lehnert. Keep up the fine work!

crissy – 06 November 2014 :

I highly recommend Dr Lehnert. I have been a patient of his for about 2 years now. It was about 2 years ago, when I was incredibly frustrated and scared about a mystery illness that was causing me considerable challenges that I met Dr Lehnert. I had been admitted and he was the doctor on call. My second day in the hospital, he asked me if he could take on my case as he wanted to help me figure out what was wrong. Until that point I felt very lost in the "system" and that day I felt like I was going to get my health back on track.
Since that time I have discovered just what an amazing physician Dr Lehnert is, and what an incredibly kind person he is. I feel so lucky to have a doctor like him and cannot recommend him enough. He is the very best in his field.

A. Allington – 07 April 2014 :

I have to agree with the previous recommendation. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Dominic Lehnert (and unfortunately my health history has required me to see a number of specialists in the past). His "bedside" manner is excellent. Clinically, he is very clear-minded and focused (and I am told he is a respected, accomplished specialist). Yet he exudes a relaxed, easy manner and throughout his assessment keeps a collaborative connection with the patient. He communicates clearly and thoroughly. Perhaps most exceptional of all, he is receptive to patient questions, listening with a welcoming, attentive manner and answering them without any trace of condescension, impatience or any other dismissive manner that is sadly too common among specialists. (We realize they ARE very busy people and I am sure some patients may ask tedious or misguided questions but after all, people are there seeing a specialists because THEY have challenges, which THEY are dealing with -- without the benefit of the insights a specialist enjoys.) Kudos to Dr. Lehnert! May more be like him...!

m.latta – 16 December 2013 :

I highly recommend Dr. D. Lehnert. He treated my sister and I found him to be easy to talk to with a pleasant bedside manner and very competent.

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