Dr Thomas Bruce William
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Dr Thomas Bruce William

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Jasmine – 01 April 2019 :

I've never felt as respected or understood than in Dr. Thomas's office. He and his staff explained every step in detail and ensured I felt comfortable at all times. A wonderful champion of patient-centered care!

Jodie – 20 August 2015 :

Dr.Bruce Thomas is the most wonderful Gynecologist that God ever created!!
Dr.Thomas, delivered my beautiful baby girl, she was my first and only.I remember that his shift was over as he had worked a very long night.I wasn't quite ready , this was around 7:30-8:00 am. I was so scared that Dr.Thomas was about to leave, but he didn't, he stayed delivered my little baby girl not because he had to but because Dr.Thomas is the kindest Dr. I have ever met. All these years later he still is.Dr.Thomas whom "CARES" about his patience, he makes a difference and affects people lives.He is an excellent Dr.but he is not a showboat like a lot of Doctors that are good at what they do,honestly their ego's don't fit in the exam room. I know I am going on and on about Dr. Thomas but he did change my daughter's and my life.His kindness which he chose to stay allowed me to be at ease and I wasn't scared anymore just knowing he was there.If you are looking for a brilliant Gynecologist/Obstetrician you will "not find a better" DOCTOR then Dr. Bruce William Thomas.He makes miracles happen!! Like my daughter. Dr.Thomas, I truly can not thank you enough.Thank you for your knowledge your kindness and making me feel no fear ,so my life began with joy not fear. I can never say enough times thank you your just an outstanding person and Doctor.We, send you happiness and life's joy forever thankyou~Jodie & Sterling

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