Dr Nevin Lam Alexandra Caroline
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Dr Nevin Lam Alexandra Caroline

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Roxy – 04 February 2016 :

I would like to say that i has a scheduled c-section (unfortunately) because my baby was breached and my entire pregnancy was planned with an amazing midwife, however because my bany was insisting to remaine head up, i had to algree to a planned c-section, without knowing who will be the surgeon in staff performing the procedure. I was super super lucky to have dr nevin lam as my obgyn, she kept me entertained the entire surgery because she notices how nervous i was, she talked me through it all and explained to me everything there is to know and expect. After the surgery she came to check on me and my stitches. And within a week i healed amazingy well because of her and her helping staff. I had am amazong experience thanks to her and the great team at north york. Even though i wanted a natural birth with a midwife, i dont feel bad thanks to her .

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