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Dr Gerber David

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Maria Victoria Dreher – 21 November 2020 :

Dr Gerber is the best doctor i had in canada. He walked me through every step of my PAP exam and i felt no pain at all, im a very anxious person but he managed to make me feel safe and comfortable. He also inserted my IUD and after reading so many IUD nightmares online, i was so scared of getting mine, but once again, he made me feel comfortable and calm, i felt NO pain at all during the procedure and he explained me everything i could feel after the insertion and what to expect.
Amazing doctor!
The staff is great as well, a nurse is always in the room with you and they are very sweet.

gynogirl – 03 April 2015 :

Dr. Gerber did my labiaplasty and I have never been so happy. I look perfect! He is a very kind and funny man and I always feel very comfortable with him. I would recommend him 100%.

Rosanna – 01 December 2012 :

I recommend Dr. Gerber to all my friends..Dr Gerber is very intelligent. He helped me out with a few visits..after one year of pain. I put my trust in this doctor and knew if any one could help me it would be dr gerber. I felt very relaxed with all my visits knowing that i was in good hands..I have been pain free for the past three years..what can i say a million times over Thank you Dr Gerber.

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