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Don Peter – 02 May 2016 :

This doctor is excellent in diagnosis and surgery. Very pleasant bed side manner. Must recognize this is one busy Doctor.

Dianne – 28 February 2015 :

I went to DR Loo twice and both times I was treated with respect and dignity. I plan on seeing her again soon.

Clancy – 24 February 2015 :

The easiest way to say it is, they are all amazing.

Colleen – 29 January 2015 :

I wish to thank Dr. Wei Jing Loo for her amazing intelligence to be able to look at my skin and with out hesitation not only diagnosing but treating this problem when for years so many doctors said it could not be treated.
I am so pleased with her knowledge and courtesy for helping me feel comfortable in her office. She was quick and to the point.
Her staff are equally as amazing to communicate with.
Thank you so much.

Don and Karen – 19 August 2013 :

She is very good at what she does She can look at something and know what to do She is always polite and friendly

Mike – 07 August 2013 :

I'm very happy with how she treated me. She's very compassionate and understanding.

Terril – 11 March 2013 :

Just wanted to add my positive comments to Dr. Loo's site, very happy with the treatment and the service
Thank you

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