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Rick – 23 June 2017 :

Dr. Papp is an excellent surgoen. One of the best. He is very friendly and caring Dr. You don't see this very often. He really cares for his patients. I highly recommend him for any Orthopedic procdures. Do not hesitate and have Dr. Papp do your surgery.

Tess – 26 November 2015 :

Dr. Steven Ray Papp performed surgery on my right foot November 20, 2015. I had had reconstructive surgery on this same foot three years earlier, but a nail was protruding just beneath my large toe which caused pain and pressure for two years prior to the surgery performed by Dr. Papp to remove the hardware. I was grateful the operation was a success, but the concomitant pain required more than the 14 Toradol Dr. Papp prescribed upon discharge. My General Practitioner won't return to his office until December 5 and trying to locate Dr. Papp through his receptionist has failed to yield any results. With this one exception I found Dr. Papp quite capable and approachable. However, the general anesthetic used during the procedure came with its own terrible side effects, and I'll have to remember in future not to accept anything remotely resembling that medication. Thank You for the opportunity to share my perspective. 'Tess'

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