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Dr Arif Abu Shamim MD

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Haidary – 29 December 2014 :

He is an amazing person. I have huge respect for his knowledge, interpersonal skills, and for being Dr. Arif

Sultan Yasmin Haq – 14 August 2014 :

He is a very experienced,sincere,devoted and extremely well-behaved physician in Toronto area. We are very fortunate to get such a professional in our Scarborough area.

Dr Dewan Ifteakhar Ahmed – 12 May 2013 :

Dr Abu Shamim Arif is an amazingly devoted professional person in Toronto area. He is a significantly updated physician in terms of acquiring recent medical advancement. In my view, he is one of the very knowledgeable and most promising physicians in Toronto area. Once you meet him, then my ideas will be translated to you literally.I should say he is a very well-behaved physician and encouraging personality that helps patients to be confident in his/her bad time.

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