Dr Abounaja Mohamed Asadig
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Dr Abounaja Mohamed Asadig

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Abdo-zakariya – 24 August 2020 :

Doctor Abounaja is one of the best doctors in the world. He takes his time and explains everything to you. He takes everything you Complain about very seriously. We need more doctors like him... Keep up the good work DR.. God bless you..

Koala – 26 May 2020 :

Giving birth during covid is horrible everyone is booking our follow ups by telehealth and not in person. No one can see or understand what I'm going thru, and for icne, in the 5 weeks of docs and antenatal, csection and post surg, 3 er visits, this doctor is the first to take me seriously. Everyone else hides behind covid bureaucracy. Not 3 seconds and this doc swabbed and ordered an ultrasound, blood to be drawn and wanted it done right away. Being left for 19 days with an infected abdominal incision was bad enough. God bless this doc and his stitch in time saves 9 attitude.

Ann White – 16 August 2015 :

Finally someone listened to my sons story and helped me out , took his time listening and ordered some labs and sent us for An Ultrasound ,
came up with an explanation to our son's condition.
polite , and guiding .

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