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Angela – 19 April 2016 :

I have been battling my family doctor to investigate a chronically bad shoulder for 3 years,and finally he referred me to Dr. Vinetelli. Within abut 5min he was able to isolate my problem area and created a plan to further investigate/treat. He also gave me an injection on the spot to hold me over until the tests were done. Honestly after years of pain and frustration, 5min of his time made a world of difference. Very smart and kind doctor! Would recommend him to anyone!

Lucy – 24 February 2016 :

I am thrilled to be a patient of Dr. Vennettilli. He is thorough, professional and takes his time in explaining explaining my diagnosis/prognosis and all the steps necessary to sustain function. Dr. Vennettilli also listens to concerns with attention and respect. I highly recommend him!

Kim – 13 January 2016 :

Dr.Vennettilli is an amazing doctor with a kind manorism and is extremely caring. He is very informative and answers all questions without rushing you out the door. I highly recommend him, he is a very good surgeon.

Margo – 15 April 2015 :

Dr Vennettilli has excellent bedside manner...with young and elderly patients alike. Dr V repaired my Achilles...my scar is fading very fast and his excellent work will allow me to be back to running and squash within months! I appreciated the time that he took and the genuine concern that Dr Vennettelli has for his patients.

Paul F. – 13 February 2015 :

I had a bike accident in Sep 2012 shattering the clavicle. Dr. V. put in a plate and nine pins and later that year I finished my first fill Ironman in 12.5 hrs. I have full range of motion and I am now about to take out the plate with confidence in Dr. V. Thanks Dr. V.!

Barb T – 20 October 2014 :

I had a broken wrist in July 2011 that had not been set properly. I was referred to Dr Vennittilli in August 2012. He agreed to fix the wrist as I was in pain 8 out of 10. He operated in Sept 2012, plate, pins. My wrist healed beautifully and I have nothing but praise for this wonderful surgeon.
Thank you Dr Vennettilli

Pat Lydan – 20 October 2014 :

Dr. Vennettilli is a warm and charming man and a very skilled orthopedic surgeon. My 90 year old father required surgery to repair a fractured hip and we were impressed by his manner and kindness. He is definitely a 5 star to us.

Lorrie – 21 April 2014 :

My daughter broke her arm quite badly in a snow boarding fall and we were sent to Dr. Vennettilli for the surgery. He has been fantastic! She also had a plate put in her arm and although the healing will take some time, she has made amazing progress in a short time. Dr. Vennettilli's bedside manner is wonderful and he takes time to make sure we both understand what is going on. I highly recommend him!

megan – 20 February 2013 :

My son, Riley had to have emergency surgery on his arm last June, and Dr. Vennettilli was the surgeon. He did an amazing job on his arm, Because of the nature of his injuries, a metal plate had to be implanted in his arm. He has since fully recovered. Shortly after this incident, I eneded up hurting my left knee. I have had x-rays and an MRI done, and am now being sent to Dr. Vennettilli. I was very happy to hear that I was being sent to this surgeon. I have all the faith in the world that I will be taken care of and will be on the mend soon.

Kristine – 22 January 2013 :

I was referred to Dr. Vennettilli by another surgeon and he has been amazing! No one would take a chance on me and try to figure out what was causing the pain in my right wrist for 7 years. Dr. V did a scope and found the issue and has been working on correcting the issue. I have just had surgery and so far I'm pretty sure that the surgery has corrected the problem. Thanks Dr. Vennettilli!!! :)

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