Dr Qutob Majdi Shaker
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Dr Qutob Majdi Shaker

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Nadene Mahy – 17 February 2016 :

Dr Qutob is the Best Surgeon! I had total Hip Replacement on December 10th 2015 and Total Left Knee Replacement January 28th 2016. Although the knee is more painful due to how much work Dr Q had to do to re-align the knee as it had bowed and drifted severely. Although the thigh muscles were in a lot of pain and were totally useless....working on the recommended exercises has proven to be best advice along with purchasing the Berg Polar Ice Machine....that kept my knee iced 5-7 hours at a time. This kept the swelling down therefore keeping the pain to a minimal. The Hip Replacement was a dream! I woke up pain free! I was up walking with both surgeries same day as surgery and home next day. The hip I could look after myself however the knee....I needed home care for the knee.I would recommend this surgeon to anyone having this kind of surgery.

Mary Fisher – 23 December 2014 :

I had undiagnosed hip pain for 2 years. Despite x rays MRI's and ultrasounds I finally got a referral to Dr.
Q who pulled no punches and just was more concerned on what he saw on the ultrasound Both the staff and Dr. Q were amazing in every way and to this man- I thank him from the bottom of heart for giving me my life back after he did a complete hip replacement. It's just a shame there are not more Dr.'s like Dr. Q..

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