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Dr Mussett Steven Anthony

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April – 18 January 2018 :

Just met Doc Mussett this week and after seeing other surgeons for various reasons am very impressed- he was very polite,professional,informative,and treated me like was in room with me.You have no idea the horrors I have been through at hands of docs over the years.From talking to person that comes with me instead of me -the patient.they tend to be somewhere else in head and out the door in 5 min even when they know I have more questions This irritates,especially when waited hours at times,I believe in being part of the process, and when I leave the office feeling worse than went in feel like just a number.Wish we could go back to age when doc knew you,cared that you understood what being told,and followed through with your care.I think I was lucky the orthopedic doc that have seen in past was too busy to get me in soon with broken ankle .Just hope this doc is in the area for good long time, we are starved for great docs here in north country -would hate to see you go.And I believe what the last person said on here : you respect doc and visaversa ;if you follow docs advise ,take care of self,ask questions & stay active one will be much better off

P Cherry – 30 August 2014 :

We have just returned today from our fourth surgical experience with Dr. Steven Mussett and we can't say enough wonderful things about this caring, knowledgeable and concerned doctor. His bedside manner is great and he made sure he saw my husband each day of his hospital stays. He is a good listener and has even called us at home when we needed special advice. We didn't have to wait very long on receiving a surgical date on any of the four occasions either. My husband had foot and ankle reconstructions done on both feet, and has just had both knees replaced. He is now pain free and walks with very straight legs. We are delighted with the care we have received from Doctor Mussett and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs knee or ankle surgery. As with any doctor, if you follow their instructions to the letter, you will recover well. His staff is also amazing. Many thanks, Doctor Mussett. Sincerely, Don and Pauline Cherry, Kanata, Ontario.

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