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Susan Brewer – 28 April 2020 :

Dr. Manjoo is literally the first doctor I've had in my 47 years that had even heard of nevermind knew a lot about my genetic disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Which is ridiculous because I've had 4 orthopedic surgeons and 2 rheumatologist's and they knew nothing about it. This is important because Ehlers Danlos Syndrome effects all joints bones muscles ligaments tendons and blood vessels and organs. I was seeing him in the fracture clinic for the first time because I had a severely broken tibia fibula ankle and dislocated ankle. He immediately recognized that I was not just scared when I asked to avoid surgery however possible, but I was logical and putting my life before my ability to walk. I suffered a severely broken leg ankle and foot and it was badly displaced and dislocated. He "put my ankle in a box" metaphorically to see the big picture. Regardless of whether my fractures will heal surgery had a much bigger chance of killing or seriously hurting me vs. no surgery and never have a normal gait again. Life vs ability to walk without a limp. He isquite literally the first doctor to put my ability to stay alive before my ability to heal or walk or whatever properly. It's been nearly five months since my fracture occurred and although I'm still in the cast he hooked me up with a gentleman named Jeff from a company named Fintek and helped me get compassionate pricing for a $7,000 electromagnetic field generating bone growth stimulator device. It's like a TENS machine that heals bone. And fintech is the one company experimenting with a new technology and Jeff from the company gave it to me that what I am sure is below cost. I paid $500 for a $7,000 machine that treats my leg for 3 hours a day. Dr Manjoo is incredibly accommodating, sensitive and considerate of his patients needs and of the pain his patients are experiencing. He is the first and only doctor that I have ever written a review about and also the first doctor to ever impress me. He set my leg while putting it in a cast manually to the point where his arms were aching and tears were going down Stace because his arms hurt so bad from pushing and pulling on my leg to set it manually so I had a better chance of a full recovery. He also mentioned that I was the only patient that he had ever done that too and he was surprised that I didn't Saint from the pain and gave me the acknowledgement I needed for having gone through that. he told me he can't believe I didn't think and told me that I did amazing. after 20 minutes of him yanking on a extremely broken leg and dislocated ankle I needed to hear that and he knew that. He is just a very good doctor and an extraordinary human being.
(Ehlers-danlos syndrome means that you do not freeze so he had to set multiple fractured bones and a dislocation manually without any pain medication or freezing given to me. )

marion – 24 May 2015 :

I have recently had surgery done by dr. manjoo address Appleby line in Burlington,ont , dr.manjoo did a wonderful job on removing my bunion and fixing my overlapping big toe , this man is a wonderful doctor and I would certainly recommend him,i am so happy with this surgery, also I have had no pain from this surgery, thank you LORD>

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