Dr Dadjo-Guewa Batowa Stephane
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Dr Dadjo-Guewa Batowa Stephane

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Recommendations on the doctor Dadjo-Guewa Batowa Stephane

Nathalie octeau – 27 August 2019 :

This dr.is the most proffessional understandaing helpfull i ever had i recomanded this dr to anyone that never trusted dr.before he will help to understand and really treat you like a human not a number all my children see him and they r all confortable with him ...i just wish it would be easier to meet with dr.my problem appt r so difficult to get and my life so busy and confusing i forget appt then i am dumed for another long period of waiting if you have this dr..keep him!

N. Garon – 03 October 2015 :

My two teenage sons have seen this physician for the past two years for their annual physicals. He is very thorough and professional. They were quite comfortable asking him questions.