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Ron O'Connell – 10 April 2017 :

A passionate doctor, who cares greatly about his profession. I went for a visit when I had an issue with my shlong dongadoodle and he fixed that puppy up real quick. This guy knows how to work a scalpel like I've never seen before. He waves that thing around and does tricks with it like its a god damn magic show. All I can say is that my experience with Dr. Sylvain Cote was straight out of a love story. When he walked through the operating room doors it felt like I was 17 and in love again. His voice sounds like the sweet melody of a ukulele and his body looks like a chiseled roman statue. I'm not sure if this man should be a doctor or on the cover of a sports illustrated bathing suit magazine. I've seen video evidence of Doctor Cote wrestling a full grown, long tusked walrus with no shirt and win by submission, as he had the walrus in a full nelson about 40 seconds into the stand off. He is the only man on Earth that has impressed me to this high standard, and if you have never been to see him, it is highly recommended that you do so.

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