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Peter Stott – 25 February 2020 :

Attended my first appointment with Dr. Bargman and was absolutely delighted with his professionalism and thoroughness. Excellent physician going above and beyond with time, to listen to and respond to questions. Highly recommended.

Bibi – 14 June 2017 :

Hi, I was just there today and my experience was fantastic. I was a bit sceptical going in, due to all the reviews I had read. I was pleasantly surprised, not only by the professional front desk staff but also by Dr. Bargman. He was professional and took his time to speak with me, checking not one but three concerns I had. I did not feel rushed and talked down to. There were many seniors there and they were having trouble signing in with the iPads. The front desk staff came around to help them and spoke to them respectfully. Everyone was made to feel comfortable. Thanks for your time and professionalism.
Anna Meszesan

V. Boyd – 30 September 2014 :

I first saw Dr. Bargman about a year ago regarding a sore on my arm that really wouldn't heal up. He took a look at it and did a punch biopsy which proved it to be melanoma. His office got me an appointment with a surgeon the very day that he got the results back. I too read his reviews and found him to be nothing like people had described him. I was originally supposed to go to another doctor but I am very glad I decided to go to him. Thanks to him I had the melanoma removed and am fine.

Jacky Bekker – 25 July 2014 :

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Bargman for the third time. The first time I went to see him I must admit I was a little nervous as I had looked up his address and just happened to see and read some of the reviews. I was a bit shocked and obviously nervous to actually meet with him after reading them. However when I did get to meet with Dr Bargman I was extremely impressed with his friendliness, helpfulness and advice. I just could not imagine him to be what I had read about him and still cannot comprehend how people can be so hateful and evil to submit those reviews. Dr Bargman is an extremely busy, experienced & brilliant Doctor whom I am sure has helped and cured many hundreds of people who should feel grateful and lucky to have even been able to be treated by him.
Thank you Dr. Bargman for curing my problem and for being so empathetic, and for seeing me at every appointment so promptly and as well not kept me waiting like so many other Doctors do.
Yours sincerely, Jacky Bekker.

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