Dr Andrighetti Santina
Obstetrician /Gynecologist

Dr Andrighetti Santina

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Jen – 02 January 2016 :

Dr. Andrighetti is by far the BEST doctor I have ever met. She delivered both my daughters. I have a phobia to doctors and hospitals, and when I was searching for an obstetrician, Dr. Andrighetti was the only one who showed she really cared about her patients. She made me feel more comfortable then I have ever felt and I trust her with my life as well as my daughters. My experience with her was so wonderful that I made my first born daughters middle name, her name. Years later I was diagnosed with some health issues. I needed surgery. I was so terribly frightened. Dr. Andrighetti did the surgery, and everything went wonderful. Like I said, I trust her with my life. I recommend Dr. Andrighetti to everyone. As soon as you meet her, you will see what I'm talking about.Thank you Dr. Andrighetti for everything you have done for me and my daughters over the years. It will never be forgotten.

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