Dr Abbasi Khawar Mahmood
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Dr Abbasi Khawar Mahmood

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  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
  • ʊərdu

Recommendations on the doctor Abbasi Khawar Mahmood

Sanjeev sharma – 16 March 2013 :

Dr abbasi is one of the best doctor I ever seen in my life history. I was suffering from one very simple problem. No one find out. I gone thru so many doctors no body have a clue .even my family doctor.every body coming with there pet ideas like anxiety stress etc.I approach dr abbasi he find out the problem in day one I back to normal in two days.god bless dr abbasi he is fantastic always smile down to earth. I strongly recommend dr abbasi.god bless him we need more dr like dr abbasi.

Sanjeev sharma.

Faisal Habib – 15 March 2013 :

Dr.Abbasi is a very experienced Clinician. He has worked in 3 different Continents, from Rural areas to Urban Settings. If you tell him your problem and at the same time your own fear or concern about your problem, he will try his best to rule out your worst fear by investigating and explaining it to you. It takes time to satisfy patients, not every patient is same. Some want more time and others need less, so you might have to wait longer for your turn sometime. If you have Googled your Problem and you have hundreds of different reasons for your problem then it's better to stay away from him. Not every headache is a brain tumour and not every chest pain is a heart attack. It's better to listen to his advice and do what he says. Don't force him to treat you the way you wanted to be treated.

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